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NTL Network-The network is an outcome of a collective process involving individuals and organisations, who met for a national Workshop on Non Traditional Livelihoods (NTL) organised by Azad Foundation from 6-8 April 2016 in New Delhi. All the organisations that are part of this network are involved with facilitating or organising skill development and/or adult education programmes for generating livelihoods in general, and non-traditional livelihoods in particular, for socially and economically marginalised women in urban and rural India. Currently the Network consists of 21 organisations and 6 individuals.

Sakha Consulting Wings is a unique social enterprise providing safe and reliable transportation services through professionally-trained women chauffeurs across India. In doing so, Sakha provides its women chauffeurs with an unconventional, sustainable and dignified livelihood. Sakha is committed to empowering vulnerable and resource-poor women in India by providing them with professional chauffeur employment opportunities. By doing so, Sakha enables them to reclaim their dignity, rebuild their identify and be self-reliant, both socially and financially. The enterprise achieves livelihood with dignity for these women as part of "Women on Wheels" programme delivered in collaboration with Azad Foundation. Over the years, Sakha has been able to provide 1 million safe rides to female travellers.

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The Ambedkar University Delhi is guided by Dr Ambedkar's vision of bridging equality and social justice with excellence, AUD considers it to be its mission to create sustainable and effective linkages between access to and success in higher education. The largest School in AUD, School of Liberal Studies houses postgraduate studies and research in English, Sociology, Economics, History, Mathematics and Hindi. It offers a range of interdisciplinary programmes that support, encourage, and redefine liberal arts education. The School of Human Studies has brought together psychologists, social anthropologists, sociologists, philosophers and social work professionals to engage with the real life ‘situatedness’ of a variety of subjectivities around us.
Gender at Work builds grounded knowledge on change trajectories, helps activists tell their stories and share these insights to a broad practitioner and policy audience. They also offers a range of consulting services to organizations to strengthen their contributions to gender equality and advance feminist leadership, as well as offer courses on feminist leadership and transformational change.

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